If you’re familiar with Cowshed Social then you’re probably wondering why things look so different around here. Well, allow us to fill you in. Cowshed Social started in 2019 as a production agency focusing on creating video content for brands looking to entertain and connect with their audiences. Don’t worry, we still do this! But we’ve evolved tenfold.

As our agency grew, we quickly realised that we were providing services beyond just content production for brands. Our talent team was fostering meaningful relationships with creators that lead to incredible opportunities and our production team was developing original ideas for broadcasters.

In 2022, our senior management team sat down and mapped out the opportunity for Cowshed Collective and what it would look like. We won’t bore you with the details but the long story short is that Cowshed Collective is a modern day entertainment network, using the power of content to build brand love by utilising the companies within our group – Cowshed Social, Cowshed Studios, Cowshed Creators and Cowshed Ventures.

Meet the companies in Cowshed Collective

Cowshed Collective is a different agency model for the culturally connected world. Home to a network of makers, creators and smart thinkers who create the content that people actually want to watch, share and engage with. A whole group of companies dedicated to making entertaining content that connects with audiences globally.

Cowshed Social

Cowshed Social is our baby. It’s the company that started it all. Cowshed Social is all about using the power of entertainment and experience to optimise brand love through social content. This is where we turn advertisers into entertainers and where we connect brands to the people that matter most, their audience.

Cowshed Studios

Cowshed Studios is the production arm of the collective and quite literally where all the content magic happens. From producing original formats to shooting and all the way through to final edits, Cowshed Studios does it all in-house using the incredible brains that makeup our production team.

Cowshed Creators

Cowshed Creators will work with a diverse selection of talent across digital, entertainment, sport and music and will specialise in branded content, talent led IP, production, channel and content management as well as brand partnership opportunities for all talent. We’re here to help leverage creators’ social footprint.

Cowshed Ventures

Cowshed Ventures is a business to business division within our collective providing services to social commerce businesses looking to scale rapidly. We will provide social media, content services, business planning and brand strategy support as well as development support across new verticals.

That’s the story

Now you know it all! We are so excited for the future of Cowshed Collective and look forward to creating more viral content. If your brand is ready to utilise the power of content to deepen the connection with your audience, give us a shout at contact@cowshedcollective.com.

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